Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the walking dead season 4, episode 1

  what in the Hell was that,  the plethora of commercials?  I could hardly get into the story, it was so freaking disjointed by your commercials.  fear commercials mostly, but go figure.  a lot of alcohol commercials.  FUCKING GEICO!!  I swear, I'll kill and eat the next gecko I see.  all rubbish, peddling rubbish.  consume, consume, consume.  plenty more where dat came from, young fella.  eat up, drink up, buck up.....................

   I like the very early commercials.  in Sears & Roebucks.   "These are high quality shoes at an honest price!"   "crafted by Woodson Bros. (not Corp.) , since 1856"    how naive they were.

  these commercials now usually have nothing to do with what they're sellin.'    they're selling dreams of wealth, and sex, and immortality.  I turn down volume and minimize the screen.  check my email, or somethin.'  I get hit with less advertisement there.

    I'll just get my friend to burn me the cable version.

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