Thursday, October 17, 2013

hang these "teens"

so, society is minus one computer scientist, and his surviving family are scarred.  four "TEENS"  (men),  are going to get out one day, and do worse.  and we have to feed them, clothe them, fix their teeth.........until that day.  throw them into an active volcano, I say.  if we're not going to fix the core problems, then at least cull the bad machines out.

people think I'm liberal, and I am on many, if not most subjects........but not on all.  human predators must die.  once you are one of them, they're is no "fixing" it.


armed robbers
child molesters

any violence-based crime basically.  the armed robber didn't hurt anyone, you ask?  sure he did.  he threatened them with being shot.  that's violence.  I do not wish to actually throw these beasts into an active volcano, or visit any cruel or unusual punishment upon them.  that would be un-American.  good, stout American-made hemp rope will do.

"Liberals" shriek at me in tongues, with faces contorted into grotesques, when I espouse my view of punishment.  "We", when we were we,  went to a New Years Eve party with two other couples.  all transplants to Philly, all childless, all super-liberal.  the conversation drifted, of course, to crime and punishment, and I professed to be a "Chair-Kicker."  I suggested that all predatory criminals should be placed on chairs, have a rope tied around their neck.............and I would gladly kick the chair.  look out....

they wanted to do it to me!  LOL    they asked me what gave me the right to decide to take another person's life?!?!?  blah blah  so I told them........I'm a parent.  I continued......."let some human predator maim, kill, terrorize, rape............your child........YOU will be chair-kickers too!"  the one girl had, and has, been trying to have a baby.   I didn't know.  not, that it would have changed my response.  she got very upset, and asked me if being a parent made me a full member of human society.........  I said yes.  it was a tense night.  all I know is that having a child takes you to a different level; a level they had not attained.  I know that girl to her core.  she would rip to pieces the predator that tried to hurt the baby she has worked so hard for.  at the end of the night, the girl from the other couple, sneaked  up next to me, and whispered, " i wanna be a chair-kicker too."  i had seen her mind working over what i was saying, during my debate.  she was the only true "liberal",  besides me, I guess.  true Liberals are open to the opinions of others.

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