Tuesday, October 8, 2013

don't vote in 2016

    don't vote in 2016.  if we, the American people,  refuse to rubber-stamp the Corporations' next shill,  our lack of confidence in the current system will be impossible to ignore.  talk to people you know.  get them to avoid the polls in November 2016.  explain to them the message that is being sent.  the movement for Liberty doesn't need radical 22 year-old anarchists dressing like up like anorexic Darth needs grandmothers, and police officers, and physicians,  managers of McDonalds............."regular" folks.  regular Americans.
     if you really want your vote to count in 2016.........keep it to yourself.  only the lowest turnout in our Nation's history will jar the Fed into waking up.  Vote No in 2016.
have people register to not vote.  let people know why we are not voting.  that's power.  the power of silent disapproval.
Vote No...
no Democrat
no Republican
no one.  vote yourselves back in power :)


    don't be tempted to vote when they throw Hillary up there.  she's part of the corporate vampire.  they will make it difficult to stay away from the polls.  she'll tell us anything we want to hear, and then she will fire missiles from drones at Afghanis, keep Guantanamo open, and  continue the corporate game of whittling away at our rights.  if she doesn't, she'll be killed by a lone, crazed assassin, or by "terrorists" like Benazir Bhutto.  it doesn't matter who the conductor is, this symphony of ours was written a long time ago, and is unchanging.

    a record-low voter turn-out is the loudest protest that can be registered.  along with a boycott of as much of their corporate poisons as humanly possible.  grow your food.  heat your home.  maintain your own drinking water.  walk to work, or ride your bike.  make electricity at home, and use it sparingly.  you will have more money.......they will have less.  and you will be happier.  Mother Earth will be happier.

                             VOTE NO IN 2016

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