Monday, October 7, 2013

loud ringining in my ear.....................

  I have a loud ringing in my right ear.  sometimes its loud, sometimes its not.  I'm dizzy, like my gyroscope in my head isn't spinning fast enough :)  a little nauseous at times.  its there when I go to sleep;  its there when I go to bed.  its really annoying.  I think it started when I began working out to get my strength back after being ill for a while.  being a health-care practitioner, I of course self-diagnosed my self with malignant brain tumor caused by huffing Xerox machine cleaner as a teen, while standing beside the fire behind Leo Mall.
  I have a NP visit on Wednesday, and I hope she looks in my ear and finds a caterpillar, or something like that.  I'm in-between medical insurance right now, like so many of my fellow citizens.  I applied for Medicaid, and have to drop off some paperwork to them, and hopefully I will qualify; even if just for this current problem.  I already pay about $350/month in meds and visits.  I certainly do not wish to rack up medical debt, but if the NP decides I need expensive diagnostic procedures, I might as well take the El down to Jeff, and present in the ER.  "rather owe it to ya, than cheat ya out ov it."  
  I've been patient with it......I've given it plenty of chances to go away..........but these approaches have not been successful with this malady.  its interfering in every aspect of my being, at a time when I have some really good things going on :)  if the NP can make this stop by deafening my right ear with a sharp stick........
sign me up.

  I have my friend Jay staying here, so I'm not alone, and to watch the dog, if I do need my head cut open :)


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