Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the fix


    have fewer children, but taking care of fewer elderly.  no more heart surgery for uncle ebenezar.  he's goin' to aunt eunice.  no more nursing homes.  hospice.  we build warehouses for our elderly.  hospital, to "rehab," to hospital, to rehab..............  my mother is going through it now.  I feel as though setting her adrift on an ice floe would be kinder than the life she leads now.  our culture is obsessed with quantity of life, and we cling to it tenaciously.  maybe its because so many of us have low quality of life.

   indigenous people's elderly seem to accept death as part of the great Circle.  they don't want to be a burden, and they know that they are just a small piece of the Universe, and understand their return to it.

    elderly were revered.  they were honored.  maybe the law of supply and demand applies to people too.  they had much fewer elderly, and cherished them, and we have more than we know what to do with, and treat ours horrendously.


    World Citizens.  Earthlings.  Homo Sapiens.  whatever floats our simian boat.  I don't need bananas, or coffee.  if I do, I'll move to where they mule cart or solar land cruiser.  no virtual slave has to die for me to wear some glass-like carbon around my neck.  a farmer in Botswana has the same Human rights as me, or should.  I don't need my "interests" protected.  I don't want to be part of a state that brings me food from a continent away,  while the farmer that grew it can't afford to eat it.  no sir.  there isn't a food group I can't cover in SE Pennsylvania.  longing for a banana?..........have a paw paw.  
   return to the extended family.  cross-generational learning is where we get a lot of our reverence, awe, and human awareness.  we were sold this bill of goods, that if you "live with your parents"  you are a loser.  we all split off from the people,  that we end up calling every other day.  each "little" household chugging away at the electric, gas, water teats.  each heating about 1800 sq. ft. of air.  or cooling it.  paying taxes on it.  insuring it.  repairing it.  "its an investment" its not; its a home.  keep you dry, warm, safe.  
Inuit don't get Alzheimer's disease,  Yanamano  don't get it.  no indigenous people do.  they don't have to remember their PIN numbers.  or pay increasing costs of living on a fixed income.  or live isolated from their loved ones.  they grow every day, surrounded by their children and grand-children.  they don't decline as humans.  sure they lose their teeth, and limp, and go deaf, but they never become de-humanized, surrounded by strangers, in a strange place.  

have a doctor's appt. to get my ears fixed........i hope.  the ringing is so loud, and it is driving me crazy.  a short drive; i know.  more on "the fix" later:)



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