Friday, October 25, 2013


listening to an audio, with my beloved headset.  "subliminal alpha and delta waves."  put together by holosync, i think.........
petting the dog.
i hafta admit, i'm a little run down.  just running back and forth to the CAO, cooking, taking care of Roscoe.......mundane, low-energy stuff.  takes on a whole new meaning when you're dizzy.  glad to have Jay around.  he's a good listener, and unobtrusive.  can't retreat to bed anymore, if just for my spine's sake.

  and........breathing.  its been hard to maintain mindful, balanced breathing.  i find myself actually holding my breath, or breathing in a broken, non-rythmic pattern.  paradoxically.  I wish instead of being a respiratory therapist, i could be a breath therapist.  what a difference mindful breathing makes in your life.  of course you have to choose to make a difference in your life.  that's the hard part.  in order to choose the path to wellness/happiness, you have to deserve it.......... in your own eyes.  tough fucking audience;  the toughest.

i've noticed my posture is off too.  this weekend is going to be a "cleansing" weekend.  for me, and the hovel.  and that dog!  i want to pick up some beets.  i have apples, pears, carrots, and yams; all organic.  between that, and my morning cider vinegar,  i think i'll de-tox well :)

two liters of water upon waking.  8oz of water, with organic apple cider vinegar.  then my coffee!
then lemon or lime infused water throughout the day.

i want to set up the tarp on the wooden frame out back, to catch water, but will wait until i'm not alone to do it.  next is the bio-sand filter, which will feed the alkalizing tank.  i'll find some limestone.  free, i hope.  need to retrain my brain to not take that ringing so seriously, and doing things is the best way to do it, methinks.

after i cut fluoride out of my diet, maybe it will be akin to coming out of anesthesia.  i wonder how long it takes to clear?  years....?

maybe i'll just breathe.............

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