Wednesday, October 16, 2013

more fixin'


    I like babies.  they are cute until they fully transform  but that's another fix story.  
we have too many babies is what this part of the fix is about.  we either have to make it environmentally more difficult for Homo Sapiens, and no one wants that........ or limit and regulate births.  our "right" to crank out as many babies as we want, whether society needs them or not, or whether we are capable of raising a moral, just citizen of planet Earth, or not, can not be the left to the masses.  we can fill Bob Barker prisons with them, or send them to die, far away,  for British Petroleum, I guess.  or, we can have less of them.  
I'm willing to be on the panel at the Birthing License Center.  Danny the drug-addict and Susie the.....other drug-addict, are not getting a license.  sorry. its time the Village has a say in who does, or doesn't make a replacement for the herd.  improve our stock.  I see actual Neanderthals pushing strollers, with little Neanderthals in them.  I'm sorry, but I look at these babies, and I think.........what are you gonna be, little fella?  and he answers, "docket number 56498798, the commonwealth of pennsylvania vs. Little Neanderthal Baby."  do I need to run off into the mountains, and prepare to battle these babies?  I'll just lead them off a cliff with an X-Box, strapped to a remote-control truck,   or lay "mine fields"  BBQ sunflower seeds and arctic splash,  and have them stroke out, perish of diabetes.  
our "government" loves the all these little babies, especially those naughty little babies.  the ones in San Quentin, and places like that.  go to your room for 67 years to life, bad baby.  we need the government to protect us from all the bad little babies, so the government likes the babies.  Bob Barker LOVES them.  Walmart totally digs them.   i hope i don't come off like plato, but its a reality that is in front of us.

children aren't our future..........parents are.  i just coined that at 0646

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