Friday, October 25, 2013

my water

stuck a bunch of assorted stuff under the tarp to get the angles right

the downspout

the big green thing

the bio-filter.  a heavy-duty 35gal. black poly drum with a spigot at the bottom.  a large bag of  medium-large lava rocks, i got for free,  constitutes the bottom layer.  next, i had a 5gal. bucket of small lava rocks, with a nice growth of algae on them.  also free.  they cover the larger lava beneath.  atop all is a bag of play sand that has a little green going on, and on top of this sand layer is my own design diffuser.  a 5gal. nursery pot lined with stones.  i'm going to add more sand, and more stone in the nursery pot, so when i add water to the filter, i won't disturb the bio-layer on the sand.

fluoride and chlorine free water
i'd like to build a grey-water treatment system, also.  it gets problematic without climate control.  a series of tanks with different plants in a media laden with microbes.  an urban "living machine."

 compost my poop and feed it to worms, and feed the worms to tilapia.  use the flush water from the tilapia, and the waste from eating them, to nourish my veggie beds, so i can eat vegetables, so i can poop more.

i'm looking for a DC motor, so i can build a wind turbine, or a bike-generator, with a fly wheel.  if anyone has a treadmill that works, but you are getting rid of........i'd be glad to take it :)

speaking of wigglers are going to their winter home soon, and i'll need help rooting through worm poop for red worms...........don't all volunteer at once.  the harvested castings will be next year's plant food.  

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