Sunday, October 20, 2013

so who's this here, "anonymous?"

    seems like a group of people that believe in a lot of the same things i believe in.  i'm no hacker, mr. NSA, if your listening.  not at 51.  i support them with all my heart, and 30 years ago would have been hacking away with them,  but at my age, i'll stay out of your prison-for-profit legal system.  i am not anonymous.  i am alan zibelman, in philadelphia.  i am against the usurpers of my liberty.  i think the constitution flew out the top of jfk's head in dallas.  but i will remain on the peacefully protesting, non-compliant, civilly disobedient dissenter side of things, for now.  but i'm on to you ;)  your engineered class/race fear and hatred.  your "dumb-ing down of our children,"  your control of our foods and medicines. your making money on war.  your complicity in the murder of millions.  get out........good-bye......WE THE PEOPLE will take it from here.

    i'm not watching your beer commercials.  i'm not eating your poisons.  i'm lessening my dependence on your medicines.  and your poison fuels.  i'd rather be cold than give you money, and i'd certainly rather walk than pay $4.00 a gallon to add to the pollution, (and my ass is looking good from all the walking :)

    back to anonymous.........and especially the Maryville rape.  i investigated the case, and i wanted to vomit.  CHILDREN....make incoherent with alcohol, raped, and left like sacks of garbage at the girl's home, in cold weather.  suspects taken in (one had a video on his phone of the attack),  and released.  charges dropped.

    read up the case.         there's much more.
    if it takes an anonymous hacker group to stand up for these girls, then i am with them.  if i was the father of one of those girls...........i would go mad, and kill every male that was at the attack.

   how about a million man march to maryville?   maybe THAT would get real justice for these girls.

were these girls smart girls?  no.  should they have been where they were?  probably not.  should they have been drinking heavily?  certainly not.  are any of these an excuse for rape?  absolutely not.

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