Friday, October 4, 2013

chemical people

we're finding out the hard way now, methinks..................
but, thanks for tryin' ma'am :)

the white man, of which I do not identify as my "ethnic" group, has "discovered" Human Paradises, and left skeleton populations ravaged by disease and war.  economic slavery, martial law, and genocide the watchichu brought.  and now intellectual and  economic slavery for us.  I would stand with the Lakota, Hawaiians, Inuit, Bantu and others.  they had discovered real paradise for Homo Sapiens, and the Europeans stole it from them, and us.  a return to our mother, Earth, and real "human" happiness.  and, I don't blame "Europeans."  it was RICH Europeans.  rich being the key word.

I consider Jewish, as my ethnic group...................a secular one :)  they can have all that big White Man in the sky lording over all.

  My people killed the Mother Goddess.  they "threw down the temples of the heathen."  before Avram found Jahweh,  many tribes had female, as well as male deities, and women enjoyed many of the same rights as men.  there were matriarchal clans, as well as patriarchal clans.  the Earth our Mother was honored.  its the only real crime the Jews ever committed and the World forgets........funny.  get wrongly accused of killing a radical rabbi, and know one forgets THAT  we would all be better off back in the temperate forests, living a simple, subsistence life.  and the first guy that figures out how to sow have to get rid of him.  same with the guy who invents a wheel.  pushed off cliff will do.  tied to wheel.  if you don't, you'll wind up with too much food,  people who don't have to work, and wheels.  bad scenario, but its the road we took.

better two dead tribe members.........than endless war.

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