Tuesday, October 8, 2013

how do I register a political party?

    I wish to register the "Know" Party.

   our party will not have to brave November winds, freezing rain, or crowded polling stations.  No......we will be at home, or bowling, although probably not shopping.  we are voting with our silence.  let the "winner" win with 2, 392 votes.  

    and.....why do we say, "the Winner?"  why not, "the elected individual?"  maybe we should draft the President from among the Citizenry.  some farmer from South Dakota, or an unemployed factory worker.  

   more on this after dinner....................

   the No Party has more teeth.  "Know" can certainly be worked into THIS campaign.

                       THE NO PARTY..........WE KNOW

we know we don't want to blow people up to fuel our cars,  we know we don't want anymore "Democrats," and "Republicans."  we know we want to control our food, water, air, and medicine.  we know we are tired of big business interests guiding our policies.  we know we want our government back.  so vote No in 2016

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