Friday, October 25, 2013

in the rain collecting business.........

   well, i got ansy, and put up my catchment field, a 10 by 10 tarp.  i used found/scrap/miscellany to angle it toward my "spout," which is the lowest point of field, maintained by a piece of pvc pipe and a stone.  for now, it will empty into "the big green thing," and i'll bucket into the.......*trumpet* filter i made!

    it is comprised of a black plastic 35gal. barrel.  i had a large bag of lava rocks, which i placed in the bottom of barrel;  barrel is open topped.  i next p;laced a 5gal. bucket of smaller lava rock, already colonised with algae.  i had it sitting around for a while.  atop all, i added a bag of play sand.  as a diffuser, so as not to disturb bio layer, i placed a 5gal, nursery pot, that has some stones in the bottom.  i'll pour water from green thing into the diffuser bucket, and it will run through the algae, and aerobes colonised in the sand, and filter out to be consumed.  no fluoride.  i'll monitor the ph and alkalize if needed. the only thing i think i'll alter from the giddy-up, is the sand volume/level.  and i think i will bury bottom of the nursery pot in the sand.                                              FUCK FLUORIDE

    i'll post pics.  but first, ima gonna take a hot shower, and maybe sing loudly.  i tied branches of fresh-cut rosemary onto the shower head, to steam, and diffuse.

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