Tuesday, October 8, 2013

just stop

  stop buying toys and gadgets made of poison, by a country that runs its workers over with a forklift, and pays the widows $300.  WTF............don't buy this shit.  your children will get fucking cancer from it.  its poison plastic.  and I see families of fat people spending $38 on GMO factory-food snacks and beverages at Wawa.  some paying with Access.  don't eat that!  

 and turn off the TV.  I'm eight or so years clean.  sure, I miss watching a sporting event now and then, but I don't miss the commercial nonsense that you have to watch along with it.  when people first spoke of this miley cyrus hub bub, I wouldn't have known her from Jane Doe.  seems I wasn't missing much.  I hear "reality" shows are all the rage now.  a  isn't that an oxymoron?  

  we are sitting back, watching reality shows...........while we are oblivious to Reality.  bravo, Corporate masters...........well done.  Hitler and Stalin cheer you from the great Fascist Beyond.  oh....and look......there're  Henry Ford and Howard Hughes!


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