Wednesday, October 9, 2013


my emergency, zombie apocalypse firewood pile.


portable wood stove, upper left.  i have a damper and pipe for it.  i would rig it out the upstairs bathroom window.  lots of tile to act as thermal mass.  i'd heat the upstairs and live up there.  i'd store my water downstairs.   set my rat traps, baited with nuts, for squirrels, and shoot pigeons with my nice quiet air rifle.  why eat that canned crap when there are good eats around?  the cats would start to look yummy.  that would be my dog food, for Roscoe.  i have a few large tarps that catch massive amounts of water, and i have several hundred gallons worth of storage.  i have a barrel for composting my waste.  i have seeds for the Spring.  bring it on, zombies.   i know that, in fact, we are the zombies, and i know that dead, cannibalistic corpses will never rise, but............its nice to dream :)

zombies are honest at least.  "I'm coming to eat you alive, and I'll never stop."

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