Sunday, October 6, 2013


so I says to the transient 24 y/o drug-addicted lad, who's pulling boxes out of the Wawa trash to sleep on.....
"hey....Camper-Boy.......make sure you clean up your nest in the morning......okay?"   he responds....."what?"    "what" of my, and Samuel L. Jackson's LEAST favorite words.  so I repeat my request,  dare I say plea, for him to police his area up in the AM.  so what does this young fella do, but  "talk out the side of his neck" at me.  :)  my second least favorite fact, it may top the list.
all this to the man that can't sleep due to the tinnitis in his right ear, and has A LOT OF SHIT ON HIS PLATE, RIGHT NOW, THANK YOU.   I laughed, and said "have a good night, Cub Scout."

"talking out the side of your neck,"  is to garble words while walking in the opposite direction the speech is projected.  you tilt your head down a bit, and slightly rotate the head to one side.

that used to be quite offensive to me, and has caused altercations, and I must admit I thought about caning the young man with one of my tomato stakes;  for 2.7 secs.................a new record low :)
he should be more cautious about the way he speaks to people that know where he sleeps.  I'd sure hate to see that guy wake buried to his neck, with Purina Pigeon Chow all over his head :)

I could have said, "excuse me, young man, but could clean up your campsite in the morning?" but he would have said, "fuck you."  and that would be the worst response, for sure.  he knew exactly what I was saying.  their programmed response is "what."

Monday.......his boxes are still there.  Ooof! :)

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