Wednesday, October 23, 2013

my tinnitis

    i call it MY tinnitis, because it most certainly is mine.  it reminds me every day when i wake up, and reminds me all day long.  its loud, high-pitched, and is accompanied by about 50% deafness in the ringing ear.  

    Its not going to go away most likely.  i have to learn to live with this.  at least for now.  i have no insurance, right now.  Jefferson has a therapy called neuromonics,  and there is tympanic retraining therapy.  but for now it will be yoga, meditation, fan running at night, and structuring my day the night before.  i'm going to buy a cheap "disc man" and get one ear phone.  i'll find music/sound that helps me ignore the ringing.  i'm going to go to the gym every morning, if even just to stretch, and toss the medicine ball around.  


   feel free to interrogate me about my progress.


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