Wednesday, October 23, 2013

i won't eat Chinese chicken

sending US chickens to China, to be "processed," and returned to our,( key word...our) shores to be consumed by US citizens...................

get the fuck out of my life, food, water, and mind.  and my pockets; let's not forget that.  WE pay do these things?  we have to pay the "temporary" income tax, so the Fed can run the IRS, to tax our incomes.  huh?  every time the Fed gets its dirty mitts on your ducats, a fat man gets fatter. but let's get back to chickens.

 i am assuming that the "processed" chicken will be traveling by ship.  it must be refrigerated......  the ship runs on oil.  how will i get a fair price on chicken?  i have to chip in for gas?  a lot of carbon spent on moving chickens around.
 why.....back in the old days......we used to eat the chickens right where they were.

 will ALL the chicken come back, and if so, how will we know its our chickens?  are the Chinese going to ensure high-quality pure foods for the American people?  or, are they going to dump avian flu-infected, cadmium-laced, rotten chickens in there?

that's it......genius.......devilish.   that's how we're going to pay back China the trillions we owe them.  the Fed is going to let the Chinese have our food, and we will get to eat Chinese rats and lepers. SOYLENT GREEN IS.........MONGOLS.  the Pilgrims, our "government," will just let China suck away our resources as payment on THEIR loans.

China EXECUTED their Minister of Food and Agriculture, or whatever they call them, for taking bribes.....
imagine how many of our politicians would be shot in China, the master they now slave for.

I declare 2014 the Year of the American Garden.  this Spring, if we're still here :), load up your garden spaces, folks.  a lot of storage veggies.  potato towers.......winter squash........beans........carrots.  don't forget the beets!   if we all started to grow as much of own food and medicine as HUMANly possible,  it would send a message to the Corporations, and help safeguard you and your's against the technological net we are ensnared in.

 We the People should take over vacant lots, and plant on them.  contact the owners, and offer to plant an organic garden on it, and share a portion of the produce.  use this food to feed needy people, and ourselves, also.  establish urban "villages."  don't ask if we can establish them.......just do it.

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