Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Birthday, Roscoe :)

   roscoe is 7 years old today.  he is a great dog, and i think he knows it.  i gave him a really good scratching, and i'm going to let him swim in the delaware today, and then bathe him. taking him to the park is just about two miles, i think, round trip.  its good for me to get out, and see some nature, and just breathe.
   i think we'll share a couple of lamb chops for dinner.  with grilled carrots.  he loves carrots.  Jay and Tzanyna are gone, and its just me and the pup.  and the siren or harpy..........shrieking in my right ear.


   its fine having jay here, but i think i need some time alone to really get used to the ringing.  see what its really like.  i hope he comes back here, and i get to stay.  if i do, i'm going to free myself of fossil fuels, and grow all my own food.  and make my own shoes :) a skill i've always desired.  make enough money to pay my taxes and health-care, and just live.  spend time with people.  and teach them to grow pure food, while decreasing their dependence on fossil fuels.

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