Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Birthday, Roscoe :)

   roscoe is 7 years old today.  he is a great dog, and i think he knows it.  i gave him a really good scratching, and i'm going to let him swim in the delaware today, and then bathe him. taking him to the park is just about two miles, i think, round trip.  its good for me to get out, and see some nature, and just breathe.
   i think we'll share a couple of lamb chops for dinner.  with grilled carrots.  he loves carrots.  Jay and Tzanyna are gone, and its just me and the pup.  and the siren or harpy..........shrieking in my right ear.


   its fine having jay here, but i think i need some time alone to really get used to the ringing.  see what its really like.  i hope he comes back here, and i get to stay.  if i do, i'm going to free myself of fossil fuels, and grow all my own food.  and make my own shoes :) a skill i've always desired.  make enough money to pay my taxes and health-care, and just live.  spend time with people.  and teach them to grow pure food, while decreasing their dependence on fossil fuels.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saturday, October 26, 2013


    bio-filtering cannot be done during the freezing time of the year, unless climate-controlled.  a greenhouse, or similar.  in the urban environment, the best place, imo,for such a tempered system, is the roof.  pump dirty water up using a solar-powered pump, where it is turned into plant matter, such as algae for food and fuel.  clean water returns to the house by gravity.  have it return to the house via a convuluted black metal pipe, and heat it in the winter via insolation.  it would sterilize the already clean water.  have this run through some thermal mass to transfer its heat, for release later, when temps drop.  a living house.  i'd love to have the gas line shut off because i know longer needed it.  and cancel PECO.  i'd keep water service for the toilet.  have nothing in the basement, except water tanks, and a large woodstove, or a masonry stove.  load it up every two days.  do some bio-filtering down there.  doesn't take much light.  a few solar panels on the south-facing wall,  a couple of golf cart batteries.  cucumber plants climbing up the wind generator pole........
not needing "trashbags"..............

    imagine....harvesting cyanobacteria and algae (major super-foods), from the system that cleans your water.          i have some surfing to do :)[1].pdf

so.......I will collect rainwater, into the big green thing; it is my collection tank.  it will have a drain pipe near the bottom, to empty into a clean 55g drum filled with crushed limestone, to correct the acidic ph of the rainwater.  from there, it will enter the bio-sand filter (i will fill it by opening a valve), and i will personally monitor the water level to ensure 2in. of water above sand.  once i have bio-filtered water, i will sterilize it using the sun.  i'm not sure of the method yet.  i don't like SODIS.  PET plastic or not.  i'd want glass.  but even better..........i'd like stainless steel tubing, painted black, attached to the wall ("the wall" 9 times out of 10, refers to the exterior wall, which faces southish), and run my water through it on sunny days, to collect and protect.
 or, an insulated, glass-faced unit, framed out in re-claimed lumber..............

the bio-filter would shut down in winter, and take time to start back up in spring, so i need a good amount of storage. a bank of 55g drums in basement, perhaps...........use a photo-voltaic powered pump to circulate stored water through the black steel tubing on sunny winter days, and heat up drums of water in your basement;  that's gotta help a heating bill.
sit around, telling stories next to the warm drums of pure fluoride/chlorine-free water...........the green fireplace.

Friday, October 25, 2013

my water

stuck a bunch of assorted stuff under the tarp to get the angles right

the downspout

the big green thing

the bio-filter.  a heavy-duty 35gal. black poly drum with a spigot at the bottom.  a large bag of  medium-large lava rocks, i got for free,  constitutes the bottom layer.  next, i had a 5gal. bucket of small lava rocks, with a nice growth of algae on them.  also free.  they cover the larger lava beneath.  atop all is a bag of play sand that has a little green going on, and on top of this sand layer is my own design diffuser.  a 5gal. nursery pot lined with stones.  i'm going to add more sand, and more stone in the nursery pot, so when i add water to the filter, i won't disturb the bio-layer on the sand.

fluoride and chlorine free water
i'd like to build a grey-water treatment system, also.  it gets problematic without climate control.  a series of tanks with different plants in a media laden with microbes.  an urban "living machine."

 compost my poop and feed it to worms, and feed the worms to tilapia.  use the flush water from the tilapia, and the waste from eating them, to nourish my veggie beds, so i can eat vegetables, so i can poop more.

i'm looking for a DC motor, so i can build a wind turbine, or a bike-generator, with a fly wheel.  if anyone has a treadmill that works, but you are getting rid of........i'd be glad to take it :)

speaking of wigglers are going to their winter home soon, and i'll need help rooting through worm poop for red worms...........don't all volunteer at once.  the harvested castings will be next year's plant food.  

in the rain collecting business.........

   well, i got ansy, and put up my catchment field, a 10 by 10 tarp.  i used found/scrap/miscellany to angle it toward my "spout," which is the lowest point of field, maintained by a piece of pvc pipe and a stone.  for now, it will empty into "the big green thing," and i'll bucket into the.......*trumpet* filter i made!

    it is comprised of a black plastic 35gal. barrel.  i had a large bag of lava rocks, which i placed in the bottom of barrel;  barrel is open topped.  i next p;laced a 5gal. bucket of smaller lava rock, already colonised with algae.  i had it sitting around for a while.  atop all, i added a bag of play sand.  as a diffuser, so as not to disturb bio layer, i placed a 5gal, nursery pot, that has some stones in the bottom.  i'll pour water from green thing into the diffuser bucket, and it will run through the algae, and aerobes colonised in the sand, and filter out to be consumed.  no fluoride.  i'll monitor the ph and alkalize if needed. the only thing i think i'll alter from the giddy-up, is the sand volume/level.  and i think i will bury bottom of the nursery pot in the sand.                                              FUCK FLUORIDE

    i'll post pics.  but first, ima gonna take a hot shower, and maybe sing loudly.  i tied branches of fresh-cut rosemary onto the shower head, to steam, and diffuse.


listening to an audio, with my beloved headset.  "subliminal alpha and delta waves."  put together by holosync, i think.........
petting the dog.
i hafta admit, i'm a little run down.  just running back and forth to the CAO, cooking, taking care of Roscoe.......mundane, low-energy stuff.  takes on a whole new meaning when you're dizzy.  glad to have Jay around.  he's a good listener, and unobtrusive.  can't retreat to bed anymore, if just for my spine's sake.

  and........breathing.  its been hard to maintain mindful, balanced breathing.  i find myself actually holding my breath, or breathing in a broken, non-rythmic pattern.  paradoxically.  I wish instead of being a respiratory therapist, i could be a breath therapist.  what a difference mindful breathing makes in your life.  of course you have to choose to make a difference in your life.  that's the hard part.  in order to choose the path to wellness/happiness, you have to deserve it.......... in your own eyes.  tough fucking audience;  the toughest.

i've noticed my posture is off too.  this weekend is going to be a "cleansing" weekend.  for me, and the hovel.  and that dog!  i want to pick up some beets.  i have apples, pears, carrots, and yams; all organic.  between that, and my morning cider vinegar,  i think i'll de-tox well :)

two liters of water upon waking.  8oz of water, with organic apple cider vinegar.  then my coffee!
then lemon or lime infused water throughout the day.

i want to set up the tarp on the wooden frame out back, to catch water, but will wait until i'm not alone to do it.  next is the bio-sand filter, which will feed the alkalizing tank.  i'll find some limestone.  free, i hope.  need to retrain my brain to not take that ringing so seriously, and doing things is the best way to do it, methinks.

after i cut fluoride out of my diet, maybe it will be akin to coming out of anesthesia.  i wonder how long it takes to clear?  years....?

maybe i'll just breathe.............

Thursday, October 24, 2013

pink noise.............9 hours of it :)

pink noise.......supposedly even better than white noise.  maybe mauve noise will be next.  it does cut down the prominence of the ringing, if not the volume.  i'm diggin' it.  i can do this.......

it was "pink" noise that got me to this place!

  so, they won't let me use their video.......whatever.  hafta get your ducats for every little thing.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

my tinnitis

    i call it MY tinnitis, because it most certainly is mine.  it reminds me every day when i wake up, and reminds me all day long.  its loud, high-pitched, and is accompanied by about 50% deafness in the ringing ear.  

    Its not going to go away most likely.  i have to learn to live with this.  at least for now.  i have no insurance, right now.  Jefferson has a therapy called neuromonics,  and there is tympanic retraining therapy.  but for now it will be yoga, meditation, fan running at night, and structuring my day the night before.  i'm going to buy a cheap "disc man" and get one ear phone.  i'll find music/sound that helps me ignore the ringing.  i'm going to go to the gym every morning, if even just to stretch, and toss the medicine ball around.  


   feel free to interrogate me about my progress.


i won't eat Chinese chicken

sending US chickens to China, to be "processed," and returned to our,( key word...our) shores to be consumed by US citizens...................

get the fuck out of my life, food, water, and mind.  and my pockets; let's not forget that.  WE pay do these things?  we have to pay the "temporary" income tax, so the Fed can run the IRS, to tax our incomes.  huh?  every time the Fed gets its dirty mitts on your ducats, a fat man gets fatter. but let's get back to chickens.

 i am assuming that the "processed" chicken will be traveling by ship.  it must be refrigerated......  the ship runs on oil.  how will i get a fair price on chicken?  i have to chip in for gas?  a lot of carbon spent on moving chickens around.
 why.....back in the old days......we used to eat the chickens right where they were.

 will ALL the chicken come back, and if so, how will we know its our chickens?  are the Chinese going to ensure high-quality pure foods for the American people?  or, are they going to dump avian flu-infected, cadmium-laced, rotten chickens in there?

that's it......genius.......devilish.   that's how we're going to pay back China the trillions we owe them.  the Fed is going to let the Chinese have our food, and we will get to eat Chinese rats and lepers. SOYLENT GREEN IS.........MONGOLS.  the Pilgrims, our "government," will just let China suck away our resources as payment on THEIR loans.

China EXECUTED their Minister of Food and Agriculture, or whatever they call them, for taking bribes.....
imagine how many of our politicians would be shot in China, the master they now slave for.

I declare 2014 the Year of the American Garden.  this Spring, if we're still here :), load up your garden spaces, folks.  a lot of storage veggies.  potato towers.......winter squash........beans........carrots.  don't forget the beets!   if we all started to grow as much of own food and medicine as HUMANly possible,  it would send a message to the Corporations, and help safeguard you and your's against the technological net we are ensnared in.

 We the People should take over vacant lots, and plant on them.  contact the owners, and offer to plant an organic garden on it, and share a portion of the produce.  use this food to feed needy people, and ourselves, also.  establish urban "villages."  don't ask if we can establish them.......just do it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

the sounds of the digeridoo relieve my ear-ringing...........

i guess i'll have to learn to play one now.  i'm trying to learn ways of not getting frustrated with my daily ringing.  it does take its toll throughout the day.  it alters moods, interest in the outside world, and balance is still slightly off at times, but definitely improved.  my temper is shorter, and i'm having a hard time being mindful.  as soon as i have some insurance, i will go to ENT.  come on, 2014!

so who's this here, "anonymous?"

    seems like a group of people that believe in a lot of the same things i believe in.  i'm no hacker, mr. NSA, if your listening.  not at 51.  i support them with all my heart, and 30 years ago would have been hacking away with them,  but at my age, i'll stay out of your prison-for-profit legal system.  i am not anonymous.  i am alan zibelman, in philadelphia.  i am against the usurpers of my liberty.  i think the constitution flew out the top of jfk's head in dallas.  but i will remain on the peacefully protesting, non-compliant, civilly disobedient dissenter side of things, for now.  but i'm on to you ;)  your engineered class/race fear and hatred.  your "dumb-ing down of our children,"  your control of our foods and medicines. your making money on war.  your complicity in the murder of millions.  get out........good-bye......WE THE PEOPLE will take it from here.

    i'm not watching your beer commercials.  i'm not eating your poisons.  i'm lessening my dependence on your medicines.  and your poison fuels.  i'd rather be cold than give you money, and i'd certainly rather walk than pay $4.00 a gallon to add to the pollution, (and my ass is looking good from all the walking :)

    back to anonymous.........and especially the Maryville rape.  i investigated the case, and i wanted to vomit.  CHILDREN....make incoherent with alcohol, raped, and left like sacks of garbage at the girl's home, in cold weather.  suspects taken in (one had a video on his phone of the attack),  and released.  charges dropped.

    read up the case.         there's much more.
    if it takes an anonymous hacker group to stand up for these girls, then i am with them.  if i was the father of one of those girls...........i would go mad, and kill every male that was at the attack.

   how about a million man march to maryville?   maybe THAT would get real justice for these girls.

were these girls smart girls?  no.  should they have been where they were?  probably not.  should they have been drinking heavily?  certainly not.  are any of these an excuse for rape?  absolutely not.

Family Driven from Maryville, Missouri Home After Daughter's Rape by Student Athlete - Chloe Jacobs - The Atlantic Wire

Family Driven from Maryville, Missouri Home After Daughter's Rape by Student Athlete - Chloe Jacobs - The Atlantic Wire

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Native blockade of gas line in shot

hang these "teens"

so, society is minus one computer scientist, and his surviving family are scarred.  four "TEENS"  (men),  are going to get out one day, and do worse.  and we have to feed them, clothe them, fix their teeth.........until that day.  throw them into an active volcano, I say.  if we're not going to fix the core problems, then at least cull the bad machines out.

people think I'm liberal, and I am on many, if not most subjects........but not on all.  human predators must die.  once you are one of them, they're is no "fixing" it.


armed robbers
child molesters

any violence-based crime basically.  the armed robber didn't hurt anyone, you ask?  sure he did.  he threatened them with being shot.  that's violence.  I do not wish to actually throw these beasts into an active volcano, or visit any cruel or unusual punishment upon them.  that would be un-American.  good, stout American-made hemp rope will do.

"Liberals" shriek at me in tongues, with faces contorted into grotesques, when I espouse my view of punishment.  "We", when we were we,  went to a New Years Eve party with two other couples.  all transplants to Philly, all childless, all super-liberal.  the conversation drifted, of course, to crime and punishment, and I professed to be a "Chair-Kicker."  I suggested that all predatory criminals should be placed on chairs, have a rope tied around their neck.............and I would gladly kick the chair.  look out....

they wanted to do it to me!  LOL    they asked me what gave me the right to decide to take another person's life?!?!?  blah blah  so I told them........I'm a parent.  I continued......."let some human predator maim, kill, terrorize, rape............your child........YOU will be chair-kickers too!"  the one girl had, and has, been trying to have a baby.   I didn't know.  not, that it would have changed my response.  she got very upset, and asked me if being a parent made me a full member of human society.........  I said yes.  it was a tense night.  all I know is that having a child takes you to a different level; a level they had not attained.  I know that girl to her core.  she would rip to pieces the predator that tried to hurt the baby she has worked so hard for.  at the end of the night, the girl from the other couple, sneaked  up next to me, and whispered, " i wanna be a chair-kicker too."  i had seen her mind working over what i was saying, during my debate.  she was the only true "liberal",  besides me, I guess.  true Liberals are open to the opinions of others.

Dundee Multicultural Festival against Fascism Scotland 2012 - Reggae Music

Mr. Hitler - Leadbelly

Woody Guthrie~ All You Fascists Bound To Lose

Dust Bowl Refugee-- Woody Guthrie

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

more fixin'


    I like babies.  they are cute until they fully transform  but that's another fix story.  
we have too many babies is what this part of the fix is about.  we either have to make it environmentally more difficult for Homo Sapiens, and no one wants that........ or limit and regulate births.  our "right" to crank out as many babies as we want, whether society needs them or not, or whether we are capable of raising a moral, just citizen of planet Earth, or not, can not be the left to the masses.  we can fill Bob Barker prisons with them, or send them to die, far away,  for British Petroleum, I guess.  or, we can have less of them.  
I'm willing to be on the panel at the Birthing License Center.  Danny the drug-addict and Susie the.....other drug-addict, are not getting a license.  sorry. its time the Village has a say in who does, or doesn't make a replacement for the herd.  improve our stock.  I see actual Neanderthals pushing strollers, with little Neanderthals in them.  I'm sorry, but I look at these babies, and I think.........what are you gonna be, little fella?  and he answers, "docket number 56498798, the commonwealth of pennsylvania vs. Little Neanderthal Baby."  do I need to run off into the mountains, and prepare to battle these babies?  I'll just lead them off a cliff with an X-Box, strapped to a remote-control truck,   or lay "mine fields"  BBQ sunflower seeds and arctic splash,  and have them stroke out, perish of diabetes.  
our "government" loves the all these little babies, especially those naughty little babies.  the ones in San Quentin, and places like that.  go to your room for 67 years to life, bad baby.  we need the government to protect us from all the bad little babies, so the government likes the babies.  Bob Barker LOVES them.  Walmart totally digs them.   i hope i don't come off like plato, but its a reality that is in front of us.

children aren't our future..........parents are.  i just coined that at 0646 ears

    major scarring of my right tympanic membrane, or ear drum.  the ringing may subside, it may not.  the right ear is clear of wax.  the left "better" ear.......still has wax.  the doc and PA referred me to an ENT, but I have to square away my health insurance first;  tomorrow morning.  I have "thrush" in my throat.  candidas albicans; a yeast native to the human mouth.  when in abundance, you have thrush.  I'll eat organic yogurt for that.  I may have my ears candled.  and I will certainly check my chinese/folk medicine book.  why didn't i think of that before?  because my ears are ringing and I'm dizzy.  what a vicious, vertigo-like circle.


Home remedies Tinnitus #1: Take 300 mg. a day of Coenzyme Q10 This powerful antioxidant is crucial in the effectiveness of the immune system and the circulation to the ears.
Home remedies Tinnitus #2: Bayberry bark, burdock root, goldenseal, hawthorn leaf and flower and myrrh gum purify the blood and counter act infection.
Home remedies Tinnitus #3: Ginkgo biloba helps to reduce dizziness and improve hearing loss related to reduce blood flow to the ears.
Home remedies Tinnitus #4: Eat fresh pineapple frequently to reduce inflammation.
Home remedies Tinnitus #5: Include in your diet plenty of garlic, kelp and sea vegetable.
Home remedies Tinnitus #6: For ringing in the ears, mix 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of glycerin in 1 pint of warm water. Use a nasal spray bottle to spray each nostril with the solution until it begins to drain into the back of the throat. Spray the throat with the mixture as well. Do this three times a day.

the fix


    have fewer children, but taking care of fewer elderly.  no more heart surgery for uncle ebenezar.  he's goin' to aunt eunice.  no more nursing homes.  hospice.  we build warehouses for our elderly.  hospital, to "rehab," to hospital, to rehab..............  my mother is going through it now.  I feel as though setting her adrift on an ice floe would be kinder than the life she leads now.  our culture is obsessed with quantity of life, and we cling to it tenaciously.  maybe its because so many of us have low quality of life.

   indigenous people's elderly seem to accept death as part of the great Circle.  they don't want to be a burden, and they know that they are just a small piece of the Universe, and understand their return to it.

    elderly were revered.  they were honored.  maybe the law of supply and demand applies to people too.  they had much fewer elderly, and cherished them, and we have more than we know what to do with, and treat ours horrendously.


    World Citizens.  Earthlings.  Homo Sapiens.  whatever floats our simian boat.  I don't need bananas, or coffee.  if I do, I'll move to where they mule cart or solar land cruiser.  no virtual slave has to die for me to wear some glass-like carbon around my neck.  a farmer in Botswana has the same Human rights as me, or should.  I don't need my "interests" protected.  I don't want to be part of a state that brings me food from a continent away,  while the farmer that grew it can't afford to eat it.  no sir.  there isn't a food group I can't cover in SE Pennsylvania.  longing for a banana?..........have a paw paw.  
   return to the extended family.  cross-generational learning is where we get a lot of our reverence, awe, and human awareness.  we were sold this bill of goods, that if you "live with your parents"  you are a loser.  we all split off from the people,  that we end up calling every other day.  each "little" household chugging away at the electric, gas, water teats.  each heating about 1800 sq. ft. of air.  or cooling it.  paying taxes on it.  insuring it.  repairing it.  "its an investment" its not; its a home.  keep you dry, warm, safe.  
Inuit don't get Alzheimer's disease,  Yanamano  don't get it.  no indigenous people do.  they don't have to remember their PIN numbers.  or pay increasing costs of living on a fixed income.  or live isolated from their loved ones.  they grow every day, surrounded by their children and grand-children.  they don't decline as humans.  sure they lose their teeth, and limp, and go deaf, but they never become de-humanized, surrounded by strangers, in a strange place.  

have a doctor's appt. to get my ears fixed........i hope.  the ringing is so loud, and it is driving me crazy.  a short drive; i know.  more on "the fix" later:)



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

back on the wifi..........

was out of touch with the internet for a day or so.................................rough
I want to invent an internet antenna.

the walking dead season 4, episode 1

  what in the Hell was that,  the plethora of commercials?  I could hardly get into the story, it was so freaking disjointed by your commercials.  fear commercials mostly, but go figure.  a lot of alcohol commercials.  FUCKING GEICO!!  I swear, I'll kill and eat the next gecko I see.  all rubbish, peddling rubbish.  consume, consume, consume.  plenty more where dat came from, young fella.  eat up, drink up, buck up.....................

   I like the very early commercials.  in Sears & Roebucks.   "These are high quality shoes at an honest price!"   "crafted by Woodson Bros. (not Corp.) , since 1856"    how naive they were.

  these commercials now usually have nothing to do with what they're sellin.'    they're selling dreams of wealth, and sex, and immortality.  I turn down volume and minimize the screen.  check my email, or somethin.'  I get hit with less advertisement there.

    I'll just get my friend to burn me the cable version.

March Against Monsanto Philadelphia, Oct 12th 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Swami Satchidananda (Integral Yoga): Our Life's Purpose

Giving Advice : Sri Swami Satchidananda (Integral Yoga)

March Against Monsanto

I thought it was a disappointing turnout.  maybe a thousand people, in a city of 1.7 million.  we are being made ill, so chemical companies can sell more chemicals, and so their subsidiary pharmaceutical companies can "cure" us.  the media was absent, of course.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Columbus Day

    Columbus was an asshole.  he gave 9 and 10 year old girls to his subordinates, for sex.  he mutilated Natives, by chopping off their hands, and making the Natives wear them around their necks, as a warning to others who failed to bring him gold.  he sliced off Native ears and noses to terrorize the rest.

    even if we say what we mean, and label him the first Caucasian to discover America, we are wrong.  the Vikings had him beat by almost 500 years.  they discovered "Vinland," and their settlements have been discovered in Newfoundland.

    in my opinion, America was discovered by Siberian nomads around 50, 000 years ago.  I wish to change the name of Columbus Blvd. to Onek, the Seal-Hunter Blvd.

    why is it that nothing is "discovered" until a Caucasian sets eyes on it?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

99 YEAR OLD FIDDLE PLAYER Uncle Bob Douglas "Ragtime Annie"

Songs of Appalachia: Fiddler Charlie Acuff

getting my head together

    no brain tumor.............impacted wax.  I feel better mentally, but still have this ringing and dizziness.   hoping to be right by Saturday's March Against Monsanto.  I'm using that ear wax removal solution, and I feel its working, but now the gyroscope in my head is even more fucked up, from the loosening of stuff in my ear.  I was worried that I was going to have this ringing in my ear forever........and go mad.  I still my go mad, but know will need a different excuse.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


my emergency, zombie apocalypse firewood pile.


portable wood stove, upper left.  i have a damper and pipe for it.  i would rig it out the upstairs bathroom window.  lots of tile to act as thermal mass.  i'd heat the upstairs and live up there.  i'd store my water downstairs.   set my rat traps, baited with nuts, for squirrels, and shoot pigeons with my nice quiet air rifle.  why eat that canned crap when there are good eats around?  the cats would start to look yummy.  that would be my dog food, for Roscoe.  i have a few large tarps that catch massive amounts of water, and i have several hundred gallons worth of storage.  i have a barrel for composting my waste.  i have seeds for the Spring.  bring it on, zombies.   i know that, in fact, we are the zombies, and i know that dead, cannibalistic corpses will never rise, but............its nice to dream :)

zombies are honest at least.  "I'm coming to eat you alive, and I'll never stop."

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

down on the farm

time to manure this bed, and mulch it over.  I had thought about trying to winter over some baby spinach..........maybe.  it would be nice to have some greens in the Winter.

the Green Thing that digests all the garden waste to 1/10 th its original size.  doesn't take long either.  I winter-over my worms in it.  it stays active enough to generate heat all winter long, and save my worms.  I then take the worms out of there, and restart my actual worm farm over.  the Circle.

hope the remaining Brandywines ripen.  they are totally delicious.

volunteer dill draw caterpillars to them, and make the little fuckers easy to spot......and "flick."

rosemary, thyme, and oregano

country-style clothes line

just stop

  stop buying toys and gadgets made of poison, by a country that runs its workers over with a forklift, and pays the widows $300.  WTF............don't buy this shit.  your children will get fucking cancer from it.  its poison plastic.  and I see families of fat people spending $38 on GMO factory-food snacks and beverages at Wawa.  some paying with Access.  don't eat that!  

 and turn off the TV.  I'm eight or so years clean.  sure, I miss watching a sporting event now and then, but I don't miss the commercial nonsense that you have to watch along with it.  when people first spoke of this miley cyrus hub bub, I wouldn't have known her from Jane Doe.  seems I wasn't missing much.  I hear "reality" shows are all the rage now.  a  isn't that an oxymoron?  

  we are sitting back, watching reality shows...........while we are oblivious to Reality.  bravo, Corporate masters...........well done.  Hitler and Stalin cheer you from the great Fascist Beyond.  oh....and look......there're  Henry Ford and Howard Hughes!


why you should buy a woodstove

  the same reason you should plant a Victory garden,  or decrease or eliminate your dependence on "gas."  in it lies your financial freedom.  only We, The People can change the cycle of greed.  we must have the moral fiber that our "elected" officials obviously lack, and lead them by example.  if every American spent $50 a week less at the "super"market, and lowered their heating bills by $1000 a year............your "representatives" would start getting the picture.  

how do I register a political party?

    I wish to register the "Know" Party.

   our party will not have to brave November winds, freezing rain, or crowded polling stations.  No......we will be at home, or bowling, although probably not shopping.  we are voting with our silence.  let the "winner" win with 2, 392 votes.  

    and.....why do we say, "the Winner?"  why not, "the elected individual?"  maybe we should draft the President from among the Citizenry.  some farmer from South Dakota, or an unemployed factory worker.  

   more on this after dinner....................

   the No Party has more teeth.  "Know" can certainly be worked into THIS campaign.

                       THE NO PARTY..........WE KNOW

we know we don't want to blow people up to fuel our cars,  we know we don't want anymore "Democrats," and "Republicans."  we know we want to control our food, water, air, and medicine.  we know we are tired of big business interests guiding our policies.  we know we want our government back.  so vote No in 2016

don't vote in 2016

    don't vote in 2016.  if we, the American people,  refuse to rubber-stamp the Corporations' next shill,  our lack of confidence in the current system will be impossible to ignore.  talk to people you know.  get them to avoid the polls in November 2016.  explain to them the message that is being sent.  the movement for Liberty doesn't need radical 22 year-old anarchists dressing like up like anorexic Darth needs grandmothers, and police officers, and physicians,  managers of McDonalds............."regular" folks.  regular Americans.
     if you really want your vote to count in 2016.........keep it to yourself.  only the lowest turnout in our Nation's history will jar the Fed into waking up.  Vote No in 2016.
have people register to not vote.  let people know why we are not voting.  that's power.  the power of silent disapproval.
Vote No...
no Democrat
no Republican
no one.  vote yourselves back in power :)


    don't be tempted to vote when they throw Hillary up there.  she's part of the corporate vampire.  they will make it difficult to stay away from the polls.  she'll tell us anything we want to hear, and then she will fire missiles from drones at Afghanis, keep Guantanamo open, and  continue the corporate game of whittling away at our rights.  if she doesn't, she'll be killed by a lone, crazed assassin, or by "terrorists" like Benazir Bhutto.  it doesn't matter who the conductor is, this symphony of ours was written a long time ago, and is unchanging.

    a record-low voter turn-out is the loudest protest that can be registered.  along with a boycott of as much of their corporate poisons as humanly possible.  grow your food.  heat your home.  maintain your own drinking water.  walk to work, or ride your bike.  make electricity at home, and use it sparingly.  you will have more money.......they will have less.  and you will be happier.  Mother Earth will be happier.

                             VOTE NO IN 2016

Hitler Survivor Condemns Gun Control 'KEEP YOUR GUNS, BUY MORE GUNS' - K...

hmmmmm..........another survivor speaks.

109 Yr Old Holocaust Survivor: "Look for the Beauty in Life"


she had to look pretty damned hard for beauty, that's for sure.  but, that's what she chose.

Natural Cures Not Medicine: FOX Reporters Fired For Reporting the Truth About Monsanto Milk

Natural Cures Not Medicine: FOX Reporters Fired For Reporting the Truth About Monsanto Milk

Monday, October 7, 2013


the garden, continued

I almost pulled this plant;  glad I didn't

last call for hummingbirds, methinks

organic brandywines in abundance.........pineapple sage showing Autumn how its done.

Dirty Old Town - David Byrne

Lakota Thunder - Sitting Bull Memorial Song

Sioux Honor Song

all bow to the Can.............


  Xerox machine cleaner............."The Can"
yes, we huffed the can.  I wish I never did.  Xerox cleaner.  a 45 second rocket trip to the land of roaring dinosaurs and levitating autumn foliage.  I saw a certain guy run off into the woods, yelling, "kick-ball Mike......kick-ball!)  didn't see him again until the next day.  I've seen people fall asleep while huffing, and spill the poison into their mouth.  no fatalities, although some are dead of organ failure now, 35 years later.  it was the most horrendous thing I have ever done to my body, and every time I have a malady, I pray........."please don't let it be the Can."  I'm sorry Mother Earth.........I didn't realize the gift you gave me.   please don't let it be the Can.

loud ringining in my ear.....................

  I have a loud ringing in my right ear.  sometimes its loud, sometimes its not.  I'm dizzy, like my gyroscope in my head isn't spinning fast enough :)  a little nauseous at times.  its there when I go to sleep;  its there when I go to bed.  its really annoying.  I think it started when I began working out to get my strength back after being ill for a while.  being a health-care practitioner, I of course self-diagnosed my self with malignant brain tumor caused by huffing Xerox machine cleaner as a teen, while standing beside the fire behind Leo Mall.
  I have a NP visit on Wednesday, and I hope she looks in my ear and finds a caterpillar, or something like that.  I'm in-between medical insurance right now, like so many of my fellow citizens.  I applied for Medicaid, and have to drop off some paperwork to them, and hopefully I will qualify; even if just for this current problem.  I already pay about $350/month in meds and visits.  I certainly do not wish to rack up medical debt, but if the NP decides I need expensive diagnostic procedures, I might as well take the El down to Jeff, and present in the ER.  "rather owe it to ya, than cheat ya out ov it."  
  I've been patient with it......I've given it plenty of chances to go away..........but these approaches have not been successful with this malady.  its interfering in every aspect of my being, at a time when I have some really good things going on :)  if the NP can make this stop by deafening my right ear with a sharp stick........
sign me up.

  I have my friend Jay staying here, so I'm not alone, and to watch the dog, if I do need my head cut open :)


Sunday, October 6, 2013


so I says to the transient 24 y/o drug-addicted lad, who's pulling boxes out of the Wawa trash to sleep on.....
"hey....Camper-Boy.......make sure you clean up your nest in the morning......okay?"   he responds....."what?"    "what" of my, and Samuel L. Jackson's LEAST favorite words.  so I repeat my request,  dare I say plea, for him to police his area up in the AM.  so what does this young fella do, but  "talk out the side of his neck" at me.  :)  my second least favorite fact, it may top the list.
all this to the man that can't sleep due to the tinnitis in his right ear, and has A LOT OF SHIT ON HIS PLATE, RIGHT NOW, THANK YOU.   I laughed, and said "have a good night, Cub Scout."

"talking out the side of your neck,"  is to garble words while walking in the opposite direction the speech is projected.  you tilt your head down a bit, and slightly rotate the head to one side.

that used to be quite offensive to me, and has caused altercations, and I must admit I thought about caning the young man with one of my tomato stakes;  for 2.7 secs.................a new record low :)
he should be more cautious about the way he speaks to people that know where he sleeps.  I'd sure hate to see that guy wake buried to his neck, with Purina Pigeon Chow all over his head :)

I could have said, "excuse me, young man, but could clean up your campsite in the morning?" but he would have said, "fuck you."  and that would be the worst response, for sure.  he knew exactly what I was saying.  their programmed response is "what."

Monday.......his boxes are still there.  Ooof! :)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

the river city festival

I went to the River City Festival and it was nice, although a little too warm.  met my neighbor down there, and we walked home together.  I was forced to go grocery shopping on the way home, and made to carry the heavy bag :)  so happy about all the new people in the hood.  I really need to stay connected right now......

but not TOO connected.  I need my mindful time.  time to think about me......or nothing; that's okay too.

Friday, October 4, 2013

potlatch........a tribal voluntary re-distribution of wealth by Leaders

variations of this custom exists in many "tribal" (Natural Human) societies.  it shows how generous the leader is, and how much he cares about his people.  his wealth is the welfare of his tribe, clan, group, village, etc.  how unlike our current leaders.

chemical people

we're finding out the hard way now, methinks..................
but, thanks for tryin' ma'am :)

the white man, of which I do not identify as my "ethnic" group, has "discovered" Human Paradises, and left skeleton populations ravaged by disease and war.  economic slavery, martial law, and genocide the watchichu brought.  and now intellectual and  economic slavery for us.  I would stand with the Lakota, Hawaiians, Inuit, Bantu and others.  they had discovered real paradise for Homo Sapiens, and the Europeans stole it from them, and us.  a return to our mother, Earth, and real "human" happiness.  and, I don't blame "Europeans."  it was RICH Europeans.  rich being the key word.

I consider Jewish, as my ethnic group...................a secular one :)  they can have all that big White Man in the sky lording over all.

  My people killed the Mother Goddess.  they "threw down the temples of the heathen."  before Avram found Jahweh,  many tribes had female, as well as male deities, and women enjoyed many of the same rights as men.  there were matriarchal clans, as well as patriarchal clans.  the Earth our Mother was honored.  its the only real crime the Jews ever committed and the World forgets........funny.  get wrongly accused of killing a radical rabbi, and know one forgets THAT  we would all be better off back in the temperate forests, living a simple, subsistence life.  and the first guy that figures out how to sow have to get rid of him.  same with the guy who invents a wheel.  pushed off cliff will do.  tied to wheel.  if you don't, you'll wind up with too much food,  people who don't have to work, and wheels.  bad scenario, but its the road we took.

better two dead tribe members.........than endless war.

Mose Allison - Your Molecular Structure

Northern Cree "War Cry" At Toronto Pow Wow 2008

I think I may have this on here already, but I wanted it handy.  meth for the sober.

more bee banter.........

the best thing I could hear from DRWC, is, "of course, Mr Zibelman,  we plan to not only retain the current area as bee forage, but plan to increase the amount and diversity of the flowering vegetation in the area in question, with planned pollinator corridors through the city."

if I have to,  I'll sow sunflowers every year across the waterfront.
morning glory grenades :)

I like the idea of roof-top bee forage, but it would take an input of considerable resources, methinks.  sedum don't produce enough rich forage.  it would have to be some irrigation reliant annual, I would think.  any ideas for bee forest roofs?

some action on the bees.....sorry about formatting of post

Hi Alan,

I’ve sent this message along to our planners. They will be able to give you a better explanation about the planned development, and how this will affect the wildflowers along the river. On a side note, where is your urban farm?


Emma Fried-Cassorla
Communications Manager
Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

121 North Columbus Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA  19106
Office: (215) 629-3218

alan zibelman <>
1:34 PM (3 minutes ago)
to Emma
thank you very much, Emma.  I know its late in the game to bring up major concerns, but I was truly unaware of the density and diversity of wild bee forage back there.  it has not always been safe to venture there.  since the development has begun, it is already a safer environment for people to venture, and discover some previously uncovered gems of nature.  again,  much thanks.

alan m. zibelman
alan zibelman <>
1:37 PM (0 minutes ago)
to Emma
I'm very micro urban farm is located at Webb St. and Sargeant St.  I grow for sustenance, and educational purposes.  stop by any time, and grab some organic heirloom herbs, and tomatoes (for a short time more :)

funny.......from the Onion,33997/

Thursday, October 3, 2013

quotes on liberty

the founding fathers

If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty.... And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.

guilty as charged

so....they are in charge,  we can only vote them out,  they control the voting apparatus,  and WHATEVER government is in power cannot be violently overthrow.  its against the law to even advocate it.  even if the government is no longer the true, and fair representative of the citizenry's will.  under this law it is a Federal crime to even to suggest an overthrow of the US government.  this certainly doesn't sound like the Nation that our Founders constructed.  so that government.....the original, bona fide republic of American liberty......already has been overthrown.

this law is from WW II.....the Big One.  a "war-time" law that was unconstitutional then, and was retained.  much like the "Patriot" Act, I guess.

The Global Ecosystem and Climate Change: Threat to Marine Life and the World’s Oceans

The Global Ecosystem and Climate Change: Threat to Marine Life and the World’s Oceans

The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?

The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?

man to plead guilty to slapping 19 month old child

this man called a toddler a "nigger," and slapped the child.  he faces ONE year in prison.........

is that a deterrent to this type of behavior??

if that was MY 19 month old baby, I would have defended my child by snapping that man's cervical spine.....