Friday, November 8, 2013

we are from gaia........welcome.

    we've pun intended, the name, earth.  i propose we rename the planet GAIA.  a fresh start.  we will do away with the nation-state, a machine built for the enrichment of few, via endless war.  the money system, being found to be inherently evil, will be discarded, and placed with some other system.  let the socio-economists work it out........not the bankers.

     if i was an alien, watching from high above...........i would get away from here as fast as possible.  the "planet-haters"  they would call us.  kicking and clawing at the planet, screaming for what we "want."  leaving our mess behind.  i would make a note of earth's location, and come see what was left, and document the unusual creatures that destroyed the only place they had to live.  highly illogical, captain.

 if restorative practices are put in place now, we could pull in the reigns on population growth; maybe top off at 12 billion.  just a nice number i picked, but i bet GAIA.....can't provide for too many more mouths than that.  12 billion of us, living in peace and wellness, hurtling through the milky way, going........WEEEEEEEE!!!  

    Gaians........sorta rolls off the tongue.......

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