Friday, November 8, 2013

NSA welcomes *censored* to their watch-list!

    a facebook book friend of mine, who went to school with my cousin, of the same name,  she really got herself on the "list."   she posted something to the effect of...."should obama be impeached.........or assassinated!!!"   LOL  the post gone in 10 minutes.  nice work, facebook :)  oh.....lawdy!  i sent her a link with the actual federal law she had broken, and come to think of it.........implying the act as justified, to others, via above stated, facebook, inc. social media........that's conspiracy to sedition, also.  or real  always know the laws that you intend to disregard, or break.  I'm not saying sedition is wrong, but neither do i suggest it is right :)  many of these laws do not originate from the founding fathers.  many are post-wwii, red scare, let's-get-ready-to-go-totalitarian laws.

 the founding fathers would argue that sedition and treason have already taken place.  they would state that we have lost true representation, and are being taxed illegally.  they would yell that tyranny reigned, and would take steps to counter it; by any means.  here they are for those that wish to research their lives, and sacrifices. 

 I against sedition.  sedition is the VIOLENT overthrow of the government of the united states of america.  i don't want that.  i want a non-violent, non-compliant citizenry using what's left of its intellect, to free itself from the nightmare that is our system.

   and i do not believe that *censored*.............meant what was typed.  just frustrated with the constant smoke and mirrors that is our government.

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