Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chicken Not-So-Little

    the sky is falling, the sky is falling!

  people are asleep.  they are drinking a Bud........or smoking one :)  they are watching the football game,  and reality tv........."reality."  funny.  "Reality" on its way here; wafting in on the jet stream.  california is "getting real" right now.  the world's largest ocean has been murdered.  and the murderer is here.  our "government" hasn't issued alerts, or warnings.  they don't want the almighty dollar to crash.

  get ready, folks.  millions of refugees coming east of the rockies, sick children, food shortages, economic collapse.  and maybe worse.  maybe........Planet of the Roaches.  all this so we can turn a machine, to make shit we don't really need, and to have light.  make some fucking candles.  if you don't know what i am talking about........go find out.  i've given you enough data:)


  i know that i'm planting mostly storage vegetables this year.  my "victory garden."  victory over starving when the supermarkets are empty.  and, i love you all, but don't come here.  not "after."  take this gift of advice, instead.
    get ready for zombie apocalypse...........if you are ready for that, you are in good shape.  for christmas, get her some water storage totes.  get him an assault rifle (and learn how to use it).  grow and store food.  can, dehydrate, freeze. when you go food shopping, throw a can or two of some organic black beans in there; maybe a can or two of soup.  you don't have to go out and fill your pantry tomorrow..........but don't wait until it is that critical. you may not have all that money, or the food may all be gone.  build up a family larder, and rotate food.  and get a wood stove,  or some alternative way of keeping warm.    keep some silver or gold tucked away.  that will always be money.
the worst that can happen is you will learn to appreciate your food and water, and have peace of mind.  

    anyone interested in making a Victory Garden this spring,  please let me know.  i will provide all the assistance i am able to.  i can probably spare some red worms in the spring, for someone interested in vermiculture.

    be aware.  peace

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