Friday, November 8, 2013

so......i think i'm staying put......

    i will stay here on the farm.  i think my friend jay is going to share the place with me, at least until i can swing it on my own. next project will be the compost heat system.  today i will approach wawa, and ask them for their coffee grinds.  they throw them out!  i'll offer to decrease to amount of waste they are creating.  i'll use the coffee, and torn up cardboard, also from wawa, to build a huge compost pile using these materials, and embed a 100' heavy-duty garden hose ($44) into the pile.  i'll run water through the hose using a solar circulating pump ($80) hooked up to a 15w PV (photo-voltaic) solar panel ($40-$80).  it will run directly off of this panel when the sun is up, and shut down at night.  the hose will run into a metal tank, in the house,  holding water, and water will return to the hose via gravity.  the water in the tank will radiate heat all night, and begin to heat up again when the sun returns.  that's the plan.


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