Saturday, November 9, 2013

thank you wawa :)

    thank you, wawa, for all the wonderful composting materials.  I had to pick out some trash, but still appreciated.  spent much of the afternoon tearing up cardboard; my hands are sore.  soaking it helps.  there are some more boxes to grab in the morning, and the "facilities" guys at wawa an' me.........we're tight.  i'll get plenty of coffee.  i'm wetting the cardboard pieces and mixing them with the coffee, on a tarp.   I'll layer this mixture with layers of straw; also dampened.  its going to be about a 4' cube.  maybe a 5' cube.  i'm going to hold it together nicely with a section of reed fencing, like a Quonset hut, over the pile.  i have this great approx. 3' square metal grid, and i'm going to zip-tie the coiled hose to it, to keep the 100' hose in a stable plane.  build the pile half-way, and just lay the screen with attached hose on top as a unit, and finish the pile.
    i'll break the compost heater down in the spring, and finish the compost off just as i'll need it for my potato towers.

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