Wednesday, November 20, 2013

okinawan purple sweet potatoes

    I'm thinking about growing some OPSP's this year.  a super-food, that stores well.  it needs a long growing season, but i have that.  it needs warm soil to start; i have that.  right where the compost has been cooking all winter. i'd put down black plastic after i break down the compost heater.  i found a guy in hawaii that will ship for free, but i also found someone in Pa. who grows organic okinawan purples.  i'm waiting to hear if he/she will ship to me.  and maybe glean some info on successful growing in our climate.  they're out by lancaster.  anyone headin' out that way?  the leaves are also edible as greens.  i totally dig pun.

    yes............the place in jonestown, pa does the farmer's market in west philly every saturday.  i'm going to pick up some tubers to grow slips.  i was up-front with the farmer about my intention to grow them.  i feel that's important.  farmers have to trust each other.

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