Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the found skull

found along the delaware, over the winter
I forgot all about posting about it on my blog; i was so pre-occupied with my ringing, spinning world :)

911 was called, and the next day a femur was found.  i would have liked to have measured that.  the officer at the scene, a female Lt., said something to the effect of..........the value of a human life, in a very......As the World Turns act, that was not very good, in my opinion.  I laughed in her face.  I didn't do it on purpose; it just happened.  I said.........'i'm sorry l'teneut.........but what's the value of a human life??  I don't know....... but I know its getting cheaper all the time."  I muttered some stuff about kelly thomas...RIP.....and iraq, and walked off.  she later asked me if i would give her a statement.  i replied, :of course, lt., i'm VERY civic-minded.  she said she had figured that out :)

one of the other officers overheard me say the words, "lenni lenape"........and asked me, "what was that name you said?"   LOL  i latched on to that like a hungry rainbow trout.  I turned off the lights in the front window, and just said "lenny lenoppi."  :)  "an' who's that?"   he thought he found jimmy hoffa for a quick sec!  i said,  "the lenape, are the "delaware indians."            

i don't know what ever became of this, but hopefully that was ascertained by penn archeology, and not a criminal investigation.  i think that ol' brain-bucket belonged to some unlucky lenape, netting bass from shore.  "hey......look at THIS one.......whoops!!!!"

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