Monday, April 14, 2014

i blew up

i blew up on the block; on "the brain trust."  no good.  i can't start at square one, with the summer-time shenanigans; my tinnitus won't allow it.   so, i'm leaving on my birthday; a present to myself.

i warned the one guy that, after one of their little ho-downs, that it cannot be down this end of the block.  I explained that i'm leaving, and when i'm gone, they can eat these pussy neighbors of mine, if they please, but any nonsense while i'm here, will be perceived as a personal attack upon my sanity.

the other night, they are all hanging out across the street, and i was going out there to have a butt, and give the stink-eye. well.....on my step........on MY step........there is a red plastic cup.  the guy i had already spoken to, the other day,  was chatting with four other geniuses.  this is strictly forbidden.  he knew this.  no dna, no hairs, no warm spots on the step.  nothing. i went off on a scathing tirade.  one of them started to squawk about my spray-painting on the block last week blah, blah, blah.........and then i saw her.  sitting on the step.  alexis.  the little girl sara befriended, and really supported, and put energy pregnant at 16, of course.  i turned to the cretin that was babbling about the spray paint, and he dried up.  i laid into alexis, pointing to each of the retards out there, asking her if "this" is wants to be.   not pretty.  a lot of energy, and all of it bad. original idiot, mr. red cup, comes up and asks me for a cigarette.  i stood up and asked him if he wanted what's behind curtain number two.  he had said, the other night, "you don't have to come at me like that, alan."  i told him its that, or what's behind curtain number you want that?  he did not.  i told him i don't care what happens, or who gets hurt, and some disparaging things about people like him in general.    TIME TO GO

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