Tuesday, April 15, 2014

goodbye facebook

can't read that stuff any longer

a post about a german shepard  being put down.  a police dog.  there were 20 officers, on OT, of course, lining the walkway to the veterinarian's door.........saluting a dog.  whatever; i ignored the inane post, until later, i saw my "friend" posted about how........god should bless this dog, that it is equal to a human service-person, and how they are used for life-saving purposes.

well.........sure, i guess your god blesses dogs; he sure doesn't give a fuck about humans; that's obvious.

it is a dog, not a service-member.  a tool.  it didn't volunteer for this duty from its love and concern for homo sapiens.  it didn't stay up late as a puppy, dreaming of joining the police.  it was impressed into service.  shovels dig out earthquake victims...............shovels are not "heroes."

and.........these animals are being used for political control.  i feel no safer around this animal, than i do around its handler.  this cute little pup isn't getting sensitivity training, and anger-management courses.  its getting "rip the arm off" training.  the german shepard that represents the police best to me, is the one mauling a dying james boyd, after he has been fatally shot by new mexico police. 
i don't want my fellow citizens shot dead by the police protecting a "brother officer",  for kicking the police dog, which has been sic'd on them...........while peacefully and legally protesting.

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