Thursday, April 24, 2014

circle z ranch

    well........i'm finally doing it.  i'm moving to a rural area, where i will be able to live cheaply, grow my own foods and medicines, and hopefully........feel physically better.  you know that "ickyness" that accompanies the flu?  that's my best day; when i only feel that.  fucking blows, it does.  i wish to file a complaint :)

    desert scrub from urban and eastern woodland environment.  challenges and opportunities.  my pard is checking out a spread south of  i-40.  38 acres.  part of it will be the circle z ranch.  maybe few longhorn for beef.  definitely chickens.  raised beds.  cisterns.  worms.  and build the walipini house :)  i wish to live mostly underground, to avoid using hydrocarbons to control my climate.  i wish to grow food and medicine year-round.  the shelter of maka ina will provide.

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