Wednesday, December 25, 2013

tough december...........

got a bad upper respiratory bug, and that really set my vertigo off.  its amazing how fast 2 weeks can go by when you are pinned to the bed for 17 hours a day.  i noticed a fella can lose a bit of weight not eating in that time frame, too.  feeling a bit better, and really being diligent about eating.  my tinnitis is louder than it was, but i hope it settles back down with warmer weather.  its a bit like a jet landing on my right eardrum.........24 hours a day.  i realize that i'm angry over this whole mess, and i'm doing my best to not be so angry.  it just seems so unfair.  got through some tough times, to come back, and be struck down by this stupid affliction.  

but, that's the way it goes.  i will get through this one day at a others do :)

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