Wednesday, December 25, 2013

tandoori oven

i'm taking apart the broken front-loader in the basement, and i'm using the stainless steel drum for the casing/body of a clay tandoori oven.  it is going to have bolted-on steel legs, with casters on them.  its basically a L-chamber rocket stove.  i'm going to use a clay/perlite refractory clay, and pack it around a 2-piece form of sonotube and pvc that will come out after clay sets up.  i'm going to brush the sonotube with a portland cement slurry, to ease with the sonotube's removal.  the clay will probably pull away from the form as it dries anyway, but just to be thorough.......

i have a stainless steel lid,  the drum, and i think i have some steel for the legs.  i may have some casters around.  that leaves clay (12.50) and perlite (15-20.00).   maybe a few fire bricks........

also salvaged the motor, for conversion to dc, a pump, some bearings, springs, etc.  i will certainly check control panel for precious metals :)  the metal top will be re-purposed somehow, and the rest gets scrapped.

the clay.................

I was thinking, originally, of a fireclay/perlite mix.  in india, they use clay/straw/hair.  no thanks.    the thing is.......i want the interior to be strong; not punky, or chippy.  perhaps line the interior of the steel washer drum with rock wool, and use straight fireclay.....hmmmmm.  this is why i have a blog :)   i can even cob the exterior of the oven, and sculpt it.  see.......the drum, as in any washer, is perforated. it would be simple to attach a "lath" of sorts, and to attach rock wool to the interior.  the perforations are screaming to be incorporated into the be it.  i'll keep the insulation at the periphery, and cob the cylindrical portion of the drum.  i'll use a metal screen as metal lathe for the exterior, and sew it on, along with rock wool insulation, with wire, through the perforations.  this design will allow me to use straight fire clay, for a stronger interior surface; not weakened by the intermittent perlite.  done.  fin.

        i like it; its a good design.  i will chat with bagged clay supplier, though, and run it by her or him.    

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