Thursday, December 26, 2013

happy boxing day!

don't forget the indian ocean tsunami. forgot already.

tomorrow is trash day.  a very important trash day around here.  first trash day after christmas.  i'll certainly have me oyes open, guv'nuh.  yes indeedy.  i'll be carryin' the tools to free gold circuit boards from tossed appliances :)  but there will be useful, mundane objects also.  even good, thick cardboard can be used around the farm.  layers of it make damn fine insulation......away from fire at least.  when i think about that tv, made in china, waiting to be carted off to a landfill, upon which a housing development will be built, for people to fill with new tv's from china..........i sometimes vomit.  

i'd like to find an old single-door refrigerator, for conversion to a solar food dehydrator.  that would be MY christmas.  ha.....if santa gave me coal now......i'd thank him!  for when the party stops.  "next time.......dried oak and hickory, santaaaaaa........"  i'll leave santa a box of parmalat and some MRE cookies.

1. old refrigerator
2. old sliding glass patio doors
3. old slate shingles
4. firebricks would be very nice
5. other good stuff
.........there's my list old nick, my good man.  my christmas trash list..........and if its coal, for me, i'd like a ton of PENNSYLVANIA anthricite.  front corner of the farm, across from the claw-foot tub 'll do.  

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