Saturday, September 28, 2013

more Zone III

maybe Halloween will be early
zombies I can deal with....its Fascists I have a problem with

buggin' in vs buggin' out.........
buggin' out, if you get out, takes you out of the affected area.  civil unrest, infrastructure failure......maybe radiation.  you need to pack for the biggest camping trip of you life,  you have to have foresight to roll before the SHTF, have extra fuel, risk the travel.......

buggin' in......saves a lot of your resources.  you stay in situ, if you can.  it assures you won't be stuck on some traffic clogged road with mobs of people who don't have food, or water, or fuel......scary.   batten down the hatches, use stored water and collect more.  have a larder of canned foods which already contain much of the water needed to cook them.  not the type of heavy commodity you would want to pack into your SUV in a bug-out.  possible networking with people already known to you, is another aspect to be considered............

I would attract and catch pigeons, squirrels..........whatever.  eat them first and save the canned stuff
I have my seeds to plant, I have tarps for rain-catching.  maybe we'll get knocked back to the Mesolithic Age.......and be human and happy again

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