Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I've given up paganism, and converted to Secular Humanism

  I like Buddhism, Taoism, Shamanism, and Animism too.  I don't care for any dogma that rates women as second-class citizens,  espouses negative views of non-adherents, or seeks to gain wealth and power.  I can understand how it all started...........when we were all part of the food resourcing network, we had no need of priests.  we cowered from lightning ( a safe practice in my eyes!),  huddled around our fires (mmmm......toasty), and listened to far-off beasts, that were just as formidable as us...........the talking bipedal ape.  then........some genius planted some of those wild grass seeds, that were so tasty and nutritious. pretty soon, there was PLENTY of food.  not everyone had to be part of the "food crew."  
we needed scribes, to write down just how much of these grass seeds we have.  one of these "scribes" was a big fella.  a real mean motherfucker.  he says.........I'M the HEAD scribe now,,,,,,see??  I'm magic.  I can tell what the lightning means. I can make the sun return everyday.   I'll make it good for you people.  the priest-king.  Meso-American rulers are a great historical example.  in Eurasia, the priest-king was now represented by a war-making nobility that had one of its own (smart;) as a regent, and the priesthood was granted power to "aid" the ruler in maintaining "peace."  peace, as in, peace for most of you, but war, fire, and devastation for others  "god" supported the ruler, and in cahoots they burned a path through recorded history, which continues today.

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